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January 31, 2010

“Someone should invent a machine to do that”

Filed under: Miscellany - not security @ 11:17 am

Lately, I find myself saying this a whole lot. The conversations in which I’m saying this follow the pattern of these examples: Me: “Let me understand your problem – tell me why you don’t want to have expiring passwords on this service account?” Other guy: “Because when we change passwords, we’d have to change the […]

January 22, 2010

Ten key truths

Filed under: General Security,Why is PKI so hard? @ 7:50 am

In the spirit of "ten unavoidable security truths", and numerous other top-ten lists, here’s a list of ten key truths that apply to public / private key pairs: Your private key has to be private to you. It cannot be created by anyone else. Anyone who has your private key is you, for the purposes […]

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