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June 26, 2010

Woot got my Zune, Zune can’t get my woot!

Quite some time ago, my wife was very sneaky. Oh, she’s sneaky again and again, but this is the piece of sneakiness that is appropriate for this post. I logged on to woot.com one day, as I often do, and saw that there was a 30GB Zune for sale – refurbished, and quite a bit […]

June 12, 2010

On Full Disclosure

I’ve written before on “Full Disclosure”: Full Disclosure – how full is full? "Full Disclosure" and the vendor. Dealing in Vulnerabilities – Denying the Vendor Sometimes ‘journalists’ make me spitting mad Recent events have me thinking once again about “full disclosure”, its many meanings, and how it makes me feel when bugs are disclosed publicly […]

June 1, 2010

If Google stops trusting Windows, can Windows users trust Google?

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The story at the Financial Times is that Google has quietly stopped allowing their internal users – developers, testers, etc – to use Windows operating systems. Allegedly this is because they can’t trust the operating system after the “Aurora” attack earlier this year, in which systems at Google (and other companies) were compromised to steal […]

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