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February 24, 2013

New Windows Phone 8. Something to love, something to hate.

Given in to phone envy, Alun? No, not really – although I will say it was interesting to be around so many Windows Phone 8 users at the Microsoft MVP Summit last week. But the HTC HD7 I originally bought, which spent a half-hour in a hot-tub (syncing), then a week in a bucket of […]

February 13, 2013

That old “cyber offence” canard again

I’m putting this post in the “Programmer Hubris” section, but it’s really not the programmers this time, it’s the managers. And the lawyers, apparently. Something set me off again Well, yeah, it always does, and this time what set me off is an NPR article by Tom Gjelten in a series they’re currently doing on […]

February 11, 2013

That “are you kidding me?” moment in customer support

So, my Sunbeam electric blanket died yesterday. Second one in a year. As a dutiful consumer, I’d really like to report this to the manufacturer, get a replacement and move on. I fill out the “Contact Us” form. Then I get this ludicrous error: So, you’re going to ask your customers to contact you when […]

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