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SMB3.0 Fileserver on Free Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012R2

Development of any technology requires ideas, which need a lot of testing, before then can actually work. The problem is that testing and POC typically happen before the idea can make any money, relying heavily on free and open-source solutions.

There is no decent free SMB3 fileserver. Those available are critically unreliable or just aren’t working properly. In case you need one right now and there is no other way of acquiring it, there is a way – the Free Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012R2. However this method violates license agreement, so it’s not in any way a permanent solution for your problems. You may take the risk and try it once in order to see if your idea works, but we still strongly discourage you from repeating this experiment.

In any case, let’s see if you can build an SMB3 fileserver on Free Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012R2 and if it works, go further and see if we can create a failover fileserver. Check out the following posts and see:

Hyper-V: Free SMB3 File Server

Hyper-V: Free “Shared Nothing” SMB3 Failover File Server

Hyper-V VMs on NFS share? Why hasn’t anyone thought of that earlier? They did, in fact.

Some “wise guy” said he could store Hyper-V Virtual Machines on an NFS share. Sounds really convenient, but why didn’t anyone thought of that before? The problem is – they did, and they all failed. The abovementioned “wise guy” never actually told anyone how he managed to achieve that. Our curiosity outbalanced everything else, so here we are, trying to do what is thought to be impossible by everyone, but claimed to be real by one “hero”.

We decided to try three different approaches – as many as there are, in fact. The first is just trying to create a VM on the NFS share. The second is moving a previously created elsewhere VM to the NFS share. The third is manual copying a previously created elsewhere VM to the NFS share. If you know another way, contact us, please.

Read this article here , see how we failed gloriously, or actually won in terms of our own opinion. NFS share was never meant to store Hyper-V virtual machines and it won’t. If anyone tells you otherwise, demand proof and send it to us. Because, you know, “wise people” talk a lot of their own genius, but often fail to back their words up with facts.