Tech.Ed 2008

I’m back at Tech.Ed Australia this year, so come see me:

ARC204 Career Development for Architects
Wednesday, 3-9-2008 14:15 – 15:30, Parkside Auditorium 

The top tier of the career pyramid in the development area belongs to Architects and most Developers are aiming for that target. There is, however, little concrete information available to help people chart that course. This session will provide a map of how to chart that course in meaningful, clear and achievable steps. Kevin will leaverage from his 23 years industry experience, 15 years architecture experience and experience leading large teams of Developers and Architects to outline technical, soft, and other skills needed. He will also explain the ideal Architect profile (which is different from what most Developers think) and will cover the difficult topic of how Architects should prepare themselves for the steps after being an Architect.
I’ll be around for the whole conference.  Object Consulting, my new employer (more about that soon) will have a stand there, so I’ll be easy to find.