Architecture Big Bets 2008-2009 – Introduction

As an Architect I concentrate less on detail these days and more on fluffy bits, so I get to spend time looking at things that are coming down the pipe and trends and changes in the future. I’m aware that many other Architects are focused differently. There might therefore be some value from me sharing some of the areas that I see changes happening in. In fact, I am finding this whole area extremely exciting at the moment (in a very geeky kind of way).

I have looked at a lot of changes that have occurred over the time in a very cynical way as bring more evolutionary, repackaging of existing technologies or cyclical than anything. Examples of these kinds of changes are AJAX (I did that in the 90’s with IE5 – so last century), SOA (just good architectural design on interfaces, and interfaces are nothing new), and Agile (working together on development is something that all good Architects have done forever anyway and now that real standards and management have been added to the common view of Agile it makes sense).

Real changes that I have watched with excitement over the time have been: HTML, XML (when XML first appeared in the 90’s I thought it would change the face of IT, which it has), Web Services (because the bar was finally lowered for cross-platform and cross-technology communications).

Now, I am really excited about the changes that are brewing or appearing. There are, as far as I can see, a few big things with XML-like ramifications that are either here but haven’t really been noticed or are quietly evolving just over the horizon, that will reshape the industry. Over the next few days I’m going to talk to introduce them here, along with why I think they’ll be big. I encourage the very quiet readers of this blog to then join in for a change and discuss.

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