SAF, Careers and ArcBOK

I haven’t blogged about this yet, but I have been thinking about it of late with some work that is happening at Object so I thought I would.

In November I presented at the Strategic Architecture Forum in San Francisco. This conference sees Enterprise Architects, CTO’s and CIO’s from the largest companies in the US attend along with many of the leading architecture practitioners.

I presented a talk there on ‘Growing Architects’, which pulled together the research that I have completed over the past three years with the help of other Architects from around the world. It provided CIO’s and CTO’s in the audience a toolkit for managing and developing Architects in their organisations. I think it was well revived and well understood

A key point of the presentation was the need for an ArcBOK – an architectural body of knowledge – within each organisation, as well as a well defined career path and process for managing careers and progression. Process Mentor provides an excellent repository for both Bodies of Knowledge and processes to support career management across all career streams in an organisation – not just Architecture.

At the moment we are in the middle of remodelling Object’s career structure based on this research.  We’re also strengthening the use of Process Mentor as a repository of both knowledge and processes across the Object organisation.  Process Mentor is a real gem from within Object and I cannot recommend it strongly enough as a BOK, as a process platform or as a methodology.  It was one of the main reasons why I chose Object and it hasn’t disappointed.

As a BOK Process Mentor allows us to store not only how we do things (process) but also the knowledge of why and when we do things in a coordinated manner.


I’m presenting tonight

Very late notice (it kind of snuck up on me like everything else does), but I am presenting tonight.

The presentation is on my favourite topic of career development. and is about how developers can learn to become great architects and how architects can chart a course to the next step.  Something in it for everyone (as long as you are a developer or an architect!)

The presentation is for Victoria .NET and is on at Microsoft’s Melbourne office at Level 5, 4 Freshwater Place (Southbank) from 5:30.  It follows what sounds to be an excellent presentation from a local success story – QSR International.

See here for more details: