Duplicate attached objects

This evening I was working on a bug in the NL2000 scenery, the lighthouses did not have a light at night. It seemed that during the conversion to the FSX MDL format the attached effect was lost. Since adding I am too lazy to add all those effects by hand again, I added two new features to ModelConverterX.

You can now duplicate an attachpoint in the attached object editor. This can be useful if you need one attachpoint for day and night and another for dusk and dawn. In the effect parameter editor I have also added two more buttons to add the presets for day/night and dusk/dawn parameters.

Quick status update on the different projects

Here is a quick status update for some of the projects I am working on. I know I have not blogged much recently. That is mainly because it is quite busy at my work recently, so that affects the amount of free time a bit. Unfortunately I don’t expect this will change very soon.

In order of priority the projects have for me at the moment, these are some of the things I am working on:

SketchUp tutorial

At the FSWeekend in November there will be a FSDeveloper stand again (like last year). This year I plan to let visitors try their luck on modelling scenery objects with SketchUp in the stand. With that in mind I have started working on a new tutorial that will explain in detail how to make your own house for FS using SketchUp. I want to have this tutorial ready before the FSWeekend.


After a long time of no progress, I have been able to do some work on the gPoly tool again as well. Currently I am adding one more feature (drawing lines). When that feature is added I think there is enough functionality for a first public alpha version. Although I will need to polish some features a bit more to make them useful to other people than myself.

While working on gPoly, I am trying to follow the Test Driven Development (TDD) approach that I have been reading about recently. That turns out to be an interesting experiment and I hope it will result in easier to maintain software in the end.


Also for ModelConverterX there are still some open issues. These mainly deal with finishing the aircraft importer, especially the functionality related to the conditions under which certain parts display need to be made a little more user friendly.