Patch Management articles on TechNet Magazine

Just noticed the November December issue of TechNet Magazine and articles on Patch Management;

Patch Management

Next Generation Patch Management: Introducing Windows Server Update Services

Keeping system software up to date is critical. Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) simplifies the process, offering an efficient way for IT administrators to manage and deploy updates.

Jason Leznek


A Hands-On Guide to Hands-Off Updates with WSUS

Learn everything you need to know to install, configure, and start using WSUS to manage updates throughout your organization.

Jeremy Moskowitz


Maximize the Power of SMS with New Tools for Managing Updates

SMS 2003 offers a powerful way to scan clients, configure phased updates, and perform custom deployments. Here’s how to use it.

Bob Lawler

UPDATE: TWO New Products added for WSUS Synchronization in Add/Remove Products list

This blog entry is follow-up & small correction to my previous blog enry on TWO New Products added for WSUS Synchronization in Add/Remove Products list. According to WSUS Product Team Blog entryabout the product Microsoft Codename Max  which is a new consumer beta offering from Microsoft.  While this product category will be added to the WSUS synch options product dialog, there will be no “Codename Max” software or updates synched from Microsoft Update to WSUS servers.  Codename Max is not applicable to the WSUS infrastructure.  The actual appearance of the product category in the WSUS UI is a glitch in our publishing logic which will be addressed in SP1.  

Mark, thanks for the comment (who ever you are) :-)