Error 0x80004002


You see the following errors in “%Windir%\WindowsUpdate.log”.

FATAL: Failed to get session from datastore, error = 0x80004002
FATAL: Failed to Unserialize from data store, error = 0x80004002
WARNING: Exit code = 0x80004002
WARNING: InitAUComponents Failed, will restart AU in 30 mins, error = 0x80004002
DnldMgr FATAL: DM:CAgentDownloadManager::CheckAllCallDownloadStates: GetSession failed with 0x80004002.


Try the following steps; Some of these steps might work. Rename/Delete “%Windir%\WindowsUpdate.log” before you start to see the latest detection.

1. If you have a proxy server -

  • Stop Automatic Update Service – “Net stop wuauserv“.
  • Run the following command: “proxycfg.exe -u”. 
  • Start Automatic Update Service – “Net start wuauserv“.
  • Force update detection and see if that works.

2. Re-create the Datastore -

  • Stop Automatic Update Service – Net stop wuauserv“.
  • Rename/delete “%Windir%\SoftwareDistribution” folder. 
  • Start Automatic Update Service – Net start wuauserv“.
  • Force update detection and see if that works.

3. Try to force install WUA.


  • You will loose reporting events when you rename or delete the Datastore folder (“%Windir%\SoftwareDistribution\ReportingEvents.log”).
  • Drop me a comment if these steps work.


Error 0x80072efd


Force Update Detection

4 thoughts on “Error 0x80004002”

  1. And yet again, Microsoft releases another product that doesn’t always work out of the box. I had to use the 3rd solution to fix a new installation of Windows 2003 server to update from our WSUS server.

    Thanks for this posting, it sure helped.

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