[OData] Open Data Protocol Visualizer Extension for Visual Studio 2010

As seen before, I used OData in a Silverlight 4 project. Adding a data feed was possible through a Service Reference. Several files were created after the adding, including an edmx, but when you want to see it in Visual Studio 2010 the following error message appears :

A Visual Studio 2010 extension is available to visualize exposed OData feed entities as a diagram. This extension is the Open Data Protocol Visualizer Extension for VS2010. The Extension Manager (in the Tools menu) allows its installation in Visual Studio 2010.

A window opens and lists all available extensions. Choose Open Data Protocol Visualizer and click on the “Download” button. When the installation is over, click on the “Restart now” button, and Visual Studio 2010 restarts to activate the installed extension:

From now, when the edmx file is opened with the extension, you can see that :

A summary informs us on the different elements of the diagram. Click on “add all” for the Namespaces to allow visualizing them. Then, we obtain all the entities and its associations:

It’s possible to visualize the entire diagram or just a piece of it. You can drag and drop entities from the Open Data Protocol Model Browser to the designer like Customers and Orders entities for example.

With a right-click and a click on “View Generated Code” on a specific entity from the diagram, it’s possible to see the generated code in the “reference.cs” file. It’s possible to export the diagram to a XPS file.

For more information, this is a video from the ODataPrimer channel:


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