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QuestionThe Setup Dial Connection Screen loses my phone number

QuestionWhat are the MSN 9 keyboard Shortcuts?

QuestionMy browser unexpectedly closes as I click on the URLs of certain websites

QuestionHow to uninstall MSN Software

QuestionHow to restore my account

QuestionHow can I transfert my MSN Favorites to Internet Explorer

QuestionWhy do I have a blank preview when trying to print from MSN Calendar

Question On my desktop, I want direct MSN client shortcuts to the Address Book, the Calendar, the Favorites Manager and the email composer



Email ProblemAddress Books

QuestionError: Mailhost File

QuestionWhat types of attachments are blocked?

QuestionWhy is the sign in / sign off process so slow ?


Address Books

QuestionWhen trying t view a contact’s infos, MSN tries to download a MSNxx.mailabview file (where xx is a random two-digit number)


QuestionWhere can I find my Mail Archive on my computer?

QuestionHow can I choose the folder of my choice to backup my emails?



QuestionError: There was a problem connecting to the Outlook database. Please close the Outlook client and try again. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator.

QuestionHow can I select only specific data I want to synchronize ?


Outlook Connector

QuestionHow do I get the Outlook Connector?

QuestionHow to add multiple MSN accounts or multiple MSN Hotmail accounts for use with Office Outlook Connector for MSN



Question I can’t connect to MSN / Windows Messenger

Question I can’t connect to Hotmail

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  1. I have put in a lot of effort moving my Contacts to my MSN Addressbook. After making many changes (Working Online) I noticed that one Mail profile keeps syncing with the message "Uploading changes in Contacts 1 of 6" for a week now. I don’t even know what changes it is referring to since I have so many contacts. I created a new profile and everything seemed to download OK, but after making a few contact changes it now keeps on "Uploading changes in Contacts 1 of 1" all day now. On another PC the same error is happening but instead it is "Downloading changes in Calendar 1 of 18" for three days. I enabled logging but can’t decipher the log file. Is there a way to fix this?


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