Darth Taters triumphant horde

Recently a couple of my colleagues Jamie and Mark returned from the Microsoft partner conference in the US. Every year we check this out to make sure we are still on the right track. Well at least that’s what we are told, we all know the real reason for attending big conferences is to get free stuff.

Luckily Jamie and Mark were kind enough to share their spoils of conferencing with everyone, My loot however was quickly snapped up by my trusty desk sentinel Darth Tater.

DT’s been hanging around for a while now and has done a good job of keeping my desk safe while I’ve been away on long client engagements, it seems only fair to give him a little something for his trouble

Of course the jewl in his stash is his pretty little flashing necklace, that ought to scare off any unsuspecting desk raiders.

Now broadcasting live from Vista!

Yesterday I recieved my shiny new laptop, a Toshiba Tecra A7. The goodness doesn’t stop there, I’m also one of the lucky few in my workplace who gets to test Windows Vista and Office 2007.

So from now on my primary work environment will be Vista, and oh how pretty it is. To be honest this isnt the first time I’ve used the new OS but I’m still excited because now I get to use it full time. Plus I also get to fullfil all my InfoPath 2007 dev queries/ideas with office 2007.

I’m still yet to setup blogging from word but that’s on tonights agenda. Stay tuned for another post soon