Final Bits of the Office 2007 system are here

This is just a quick little post to let you all know that the final pieces of the Office 2007 system are now available in the MSDN subscriber downloads. The final pieces released include

  • Project Server 2007

  • Forms Server 2007

  • Office SharePoint Server 2007 

  • Office Groove Server 2007

In addition to this Office SharePoint Designer has also been released.


If you have access to an MSDN Subscription it’s time to put it to use [:D] 



Cool Image burning tool for Vista

Since upgrading to the RTM of Vista I’ve made one very key observation, the lack of support by major burning programs e.g. Nero.

Of course there are a lot of the everyday burning features built into Vista however one thing it did lack was the ability to burn ISO images to CD/DVD. Luckily I discovered this cool little tool called ISORecorder, The best thing about this little utility is that it installs as a power toy so burning an ISO image to disc is a simple as clicking the image file on your machine and selecting burn to disc. Plus it has the added advantage of allowing you to create your own ISO images.

My Vista RTM Upgrade

As you may or may not know the RTM of Vista was released last Friday to both the MSDN Subscriber downloads and the Connect website. I was lucky enough to have my copy finish downloading on Saturday and set about getting my PC prepped for install.

Much like the Office 2007 install I have come through the process unscathed. I started the rebuild at around 8:30pm on Sunday and by 9:30 I had my machine up and running with all its vista goodness.

The only issue I have found however is that when I attempted to hibernate my machine rather than powering off it decided to reboot, which wouldn’t bother me too much except I did experience this behaviour with my work laptop running Vista RC2 and I was hoping it had been fixed in the RTM. Hopefully I’ve just missed a check box somewhere but I’ll keep you posted.

Other than that my Vista upgrade experience was good, I’m up and running and without any major issues.

First E Games Expo

A couple of weeks ago I attended the first E Games Expo in Melbourne, since E3 was shut down a lot of smaller games expo’s have been firing up to fill the void. So how was Melbourne’s take on the games industry? Not too bad, not as big as I thought it would be but I figure for the first time running I can’t expect. All the big players were there of course Xbox with more demo consoles than you could poke a stick at and broad range of games to try out.

Nintendo was there with a vengeance showing off their latest entry into the next gen race. Finally the one we love to hate Sony was there however it seems they forgot to bring their new entry into the market to show off.

For an industry expo however there was a severe lack of freebies. I can’t complain too much though as I managed to score a limited edition Rainbow Six Vegas faceplate for my Xbox.

The other thing that seemed to be missing was appearances by some of the local software development houses. Atari, Melbourne House etc… All seemed to be strangely absent. Perhaps they were busy getting Christmas titles ready, or trying to figure out how to use the cell processor on the PS3.

Office RTM Product Key Issue Update

As you may recall earlier this week I upgraded my laptop to the Office 2007 RTM, however I ran into an issue with the product keys that were issued to me via the MSDN subscriber downloads (see previous Post for details). I’m happy to say I got some feedback from the MSDN team via my MVP contact on this issue (see below)


“Office 2007 Product Keys from Subscriber Downloads

Many Office 2007 applications were recently posted to Subscriber Downloads, however a unique product key was not posted for each product. Although these product keys are worth several activations, once a product key is used to activate a particular Office application, it can only be used to activate additional installations of the same application. For example, a single key was posted for Office Project 2007 and Office Visio 2007, however once the product key is used to activate an Office Project 2007 installation, it can only be used to activate other Office Project 2007 installations.


Additional product keys are expected to made available from the Subscriber Downloads’ Product Keys page on Tuesday November 21st, 2006. When the additional product keys are posted:”

With this in mind I think I’ll wait the couple of extra days before attempting to install Visio or OneNote after I get the Vista RTM installed.


VISTA RTM is Here !!!!!!

My Good friend Tim Wragg just informed me that the Windows Vista RTM has been released, good news for everyone who has been beta testing as well as you can download a copy of the RTM from the Connect website.

Naturally I’ve logged into my home PC and kicked off the download. With any luck it should be complete by tomorrow some time. I’ll keep you posted on how the setup goes

Ready Summit Wrap up

Yesterday I attended the Launch of Office, Visa and Exchange ready summit. It was a great day with a lot of cool new technology showcased. One product that did strike a chord with me was the Microsoft Expressions Interactive Designer this is a new tool that has been created to allow your design team to create those funky user friendly UI’s then ship them over to your Dev team to add the all important functionality. After Mitch Denny’s presentation I headed back to the office to download the CTP and I have to say I was pretty impressed.

Now I ‘m no designer by any stretch of the imagination but I can see the potential of such a product. To have your design team the people who know what colour goes with what, to create your UI then simply save it off and have your Dev team then hook up all the functionality behind it using Visual Studio.

As I said this is not a tool for everyday developers but defiantly worth checking out.

Blogging from Word 2007 RTM

Finally I managed to get blogging from word setup; through each of the beta releases it seemed I could only get it setup with a blogger account. As most of my blogging is done through a community server blog this wasn’t very helpful. I’m happy to say that the RTM has made improvements on this and setting up your blogging account with community server is now much easier than it used to be.

As yet I haven’t got my image provider setup so any pictures I put in my posts won’t come through, but I’m off to set that up now. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.




Office TR -> RTM Install


So as you may have read yesterday I was heading home to download Office 2007 RTM and get it up and running.

I’m happy to say I’ve come through the experience pretty much unscathed, after finally getting the program suite down and burning it to disc I was ready to go.

Now because this is an RTM and not just an upgrade from TR I had to uninstall all my existing Office 2007 programs including the beta of VSTO (still haven’t got to installing that yet). Anyway once I had my old version of Office taken care of it was simply a matter of running the install and following the bouncing ball.

At present MSDN has the office programs broken up into 2 categories (at least on my Professional subscription anyway)

  1. The Office Professional product suite which contains Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word.

  2. Office Desktop programs, which contains all the other client applications for office so InfoPath, OneNote, Groove, Visio and Project Professional (no SharePoint designer however I suspect this will be released when MOSS goes RTM)

There is one problem I have run into however, as part of my MSDN subscription I have been provided 2 product keys 1 for the Office Professional Install and one for the remaining desktop programs. Originally I didn’t think to much of this however I installed InfoPath (first of the remaining desktop programs) then installed OneNote, each with the same product key. Naturally I activated InfoPath first when I went to activate OneNote I was told that the product key I had used had already been activated.

After going through the phone activation process I found out that I’m going to have to activate each of the remaining products Visio, Groove, Project Professional via the same process. This seems like a bit of stuff up as there are a lot of people out there who will be wanting to get their Office 2007 RTM up and running and to have to call to get each product activated is going to slow the process down considerably.

I’ve also sent a mail to a couple of internal people at MS to see if there is anything being done about this so I’ll keep you posted.

So bar the noted activation issues the install was reasonably hassle free and I was up and running with in an hour or so. Although I’m now a little worried that when the Vista RTM is released in the next couple of weeks I’m going to have to put a couple of hours aside to call the office phone activation service.

Now because my ability to segway into other topics is really bad I’m now going to jump straight in and plug the L.O.V.E tour taking place at Crown tomorrow. This is where Microsoft will be doing their Melbourne Launch of Office Vista and Exchange.

This should be a great day with lots of chances to see the new product suite up close and personal. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the beta’s then I would recommend heading down. Plus both  Ed Richard and myself will be there pressing the flesh and getting the MOSSIG name known throughout the office community. I’ll have my trusty Vista Laptop with me running Office 2007, as well as my WACOM Tablet so feel free to drop by and check it out.

Finally MOSSIG will be meeting tomorrow night at Microsoft’s new Diggs in Southbank 4 lvl5 Freshwater place 6:30pm.

We have Alex Angus a work colleague of mine presenting some of the new features of Project Server 2007 this should be great having done a little work with Project Server it would be good to see what’s changed.

Ed Richard will also be showing off VSTO 2005 SE and how you can use these new tools to create addins for your office applications.

Office 2007 RTM is here !!!!

So last week I was greeted with a gret annoucement that Office 2007 client had made it to RTM.

Today I got the follow up to this great news, it’s now available on MSDN. So tonight I’ll be rushing home like a kid with his new console to download it and check it out. I’ll update you on the deployment tomorrow, apparently there are some instructions to follow to ensure that moving from TR to RTM is successful, although I haven’t checked these out yet. So I have some reading to do as well. With any luck it should be pretty straigh forward.

One thing I did notice however is that MOSS has not been released yet, which is fine I can understand a server product taking a little longer than the client product, but the beta download has also been removed from the MSDN site so I can only hope that I’ll see it up there soon.