Halo 3 Launch

 Last night I attended the midnight launch of Halo 3. Finally after 3 years the story will be completed. Once more I was the first in line and at roughly 12:15 I was back in my study unwrapping my fancy new Spartan helmet.

So far the game is brilliant, graphics (although not on the level of a Gears of War or Bioshock) are a big step up from Halo 2.

Well it’s back to the fight for me, check out the pics below of cool limited edition packaging (by far the best limited edition I’ve seen for a game yet)


New HTC P3600i

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Yesterday I picked up my new phone, after my O2 atom failed for the second time I thought it was time to change manufacturers . So after some research and purchasing approval I picked up my new HTC P3600i. So far this thing is great, it’s running Windows Mobile 6, has 3g support plus it also has an in built GPS antenna (sadly no GPS software is included out of the box but that’s a situation I soon hope to rectify).All this plus it’s light as a feather, sleek and sexy to boot. So far I’ve only installed the basic stuff like Voice Command as the bundled voice activation software was having trouble understanding me.

I also managed to pick up a Halo 3 Ring tone from the Microsoft Window Mobile web site so not only does it look great is sounds awesome as well.

Missing Virtual PC Console


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I’ve been doing a bit of work recently on a virtual PC and found that my console had gone missing. Even though it was visible in the start menu I could not actually see the window after a bit of searching I found this post by Sylvain Lafontaine on how to get it back.

Basically virtual PC stores an XML file that keeps track of all the application settings including the size and location of the Virtual PC Console.

The Options.XML file is located under

C:\Documents and Settings\__Name_Of_Your_Windows_Account__\Application
Data\Microsoft\Virtual PC\Options.xml

In Windows XP or

c:\Users\__Name_Of_Your_Windows_Account__\AppData\Microsoft\Virtual PC\Options.xml

if your running Vista.

Once you have the xml open you want to find the “Console Node” and make sure it looks a little something like the following

<height type=”integer”>575</height>
<left_position type=”integer”>0</left_position>
<top_position type=”integer”>0</top_position>
<visible type=”boolean”>true</visible>
<width type=”integer”>359</width>

just make sure you back up the file before you make any changes incase something goes wrong.

Thanks Sylvain this was a great help!