TechNet Events – IIS 7.0

If you can’t wait till next month for the IIS 7.0 Webcasts series, you can watch the TechNet briefing which covers the same topics :) Of coz, these are recorded demos, you can’t ask questions realtime compare to live webcasts. Here’s the list of technet briefings available.

ADD-120: End-to-End Overview of Microsoft’s New Web Application Server IIS7
ADD-121: Getting the Most Out of New Delegation and Configuration Capabilities with IIS 7
ADD-122: An In-Depth Look into Web Application Administration with IIS 7
ADD-123: IIS 7: Under the Hood for Web Request Tracing and Diagnostics
ADD-124: Building Custom IIS7 Web Server Extensions

Oh ya, you can download the videos in either ZUNE, WMA or MP3 format

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