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Beta time is here again

Visual Studio .NET 2005 Beta 1 is now available on MSDN subscriber downloads.  And now there is also express eidtions of VB.NET , C# and SQL. These express editions are lightwieght versions, the SQL Express being the replacement for MSDE.  … Continue reading

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VB Bloggers OPML

Click here for the latest OPML of VB Bloggers.  

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Eloquence of language

Great to see another Aussie VB guy answer the call! Greg Low, all round nice guy even if he is from Queensland , has moved his blog onto the blog site. So now you can read Greg’s entries from … Continue reading

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A patch in time saves nine

A few weeks ago I bitched about how I believed the move by MS to monthly updates was leaving customers vulnerable. There was a “day zero” exploit and MS till this date has done nothing to inform customers about the … Continue reading

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Be a part of the Community

Yag just emailed me, telling me I’m famous   J Frank also blogged and emailed me, adding me to the Aussie bloggers opml feed. It’s nice to be surrounded by so many nice people  J Community is good … I love … Continue reading

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A hacked Boolean

reposted to fix the missing StructLayout and FieldOffset attributes In VB.NET, And and Or are bitwise operations. They do accept Boolean operands, but the operation is still bitwise. To see this, I will show you a hacked Boolean.The following structure … Continue reading

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Find and Replace in VS.NET

Fiona Fung has a couple of tutorials on using Find and Replace in Visual Studio. Part 1 is here, and part 2 here. My biggest gripe though is why the h*** do they use their “own regular expression engine”.  Why … Continue reading

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.Net For shareware

Nick Bradbury blogged recently saying “.NET runtime is suicide for most downloadable shareware apps”. That might be true *today*, but will that be true next month ?   When XP SP2 rolls off the presses, rumour has it that CD’s … Continue reading

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Have you had your Window’s fix?

So MS tries to do the nice thing and give it’s software away. But then folks liken MS to a drug pusher for doing so and it gets nasty. L   Funny thing is, do drug pushers give away free … Continue reading

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Making Xbox relevant..

I was reading Robert Scoble’s blog today (yeh I admit it ), and there was a quick post about Xbox II that got me thinking ….. Xbox II is meant to be on the market next year, whereas PlayStation III … Continue reading

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