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Overloads and shadow by signature

In VB.NET the Overloads keyword is overloaded itself, having two different meanings.  One is adding a new method with the same name but different signature, and the other is shadowing a base class method with a method of the same … Continue reading

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Root Namespaces

Although the general guideline for Namespaces is you use your company name followed by the technology name, e.g.  Ajax.Widgets , Visual Studio .NET doesn’t actually tend to accommodate that by default. Instead, you have to open the project properties and … Continue reading

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Look Out !!

LookOut is now free from Microsoft :  Download it now !  

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Default Instances are EVIL !

Like some second rate Hollywood scream flick, the undead are rising from the ashes.  Just when you thought they had driven a stake through the heart of the evil creatures from VB6, they resurrect them to haunt you, to mess … Continue reading

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Lest we forget

What was … was.  But sometimes old habits die hard, and it seems pretty reasonable to me that VB.NET should at least try to honor the VB that went before it.  Some progress has been made: E&C is back; Zero … Continue reading

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Installing VB6 without Java

As part of a recent rebuilt, I needed to install VB6.  When you try to install VB6 from the VS6 CD’s, you get prompted to install Java presumably for the sake of Visual Interdev.  I really didn’t want to install … Continue reading

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What to name SQL Desktop Edition 2005 ?

I like SQL Lite, but they could call it “SQL For You” or how about they give it that VB touch and make it My.SQL  😉

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VB Chats for July

Check these upcoming chats out.  Join in and talk to the VB team.

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Date literal bigotry

In VB6, if I declared a variable as a Date, I could then assign a literal to it such as : Dim dt as Datedt = #30 Jun 2004# The IDE would change that to #6/30/2004#.  This was always a bit … Continue reading

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To IE or Not IE, that is the question.

As you hopefully unfortunately already know, IE is a serious vulnerability at present. And given how long it takes MS to patch these serious vulnerabilities, you should really be asking whether IE is a good choice for you, your company, … Continue reading

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