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Installing software as Admin?

If you run as a least privilege user account, you will have probably noticed you generally can’t install software (other than xcopy deployment).  Don wrote about his experience of this recently, and I had exactly the same happen to me … Continue reading

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August MSDN

MSDN DVD’s really rock, except they have a habit of removing stuff. So when you update the DVD’s you really need to look at what has been removed each month.  Problem is on the August DVD’s the search for new … Continue reading

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Post XP SP2 bug?

After updating to XP SP2, I noticed I had “issues” when trying to open some hyperlinks from Outlook.  No big deal I thought as I actually got prompted to select the exe file for the hyperlink, so I selected IE … Continue reading

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Windows.Forms in Whidbey includes a new design time property you can set on controls.  This property is named GenerateMember.  Set it to False, and instead of the usual field generated for the control, it only gets declared inside the InitializeComponent … Continue reading

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Delegates, Events and object lifetime

(Setting WithEvents to Nothing) Under the covers, Events use Delegates, and Delegates store a reference to the object in which the method address resides. (Sender property of Delegate). One major problem with this, is if you have shared components or … Continue reading

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Custom Events

Great to see Paul has blogged about Custom events being added to VB.NET.  Not that I am biased at all, but it seems that VB has done this better than the C# team, and has included the Raise method, which … Continue reading

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Road Ahead part IX

In case you didn’t see it already, Paul Vick has asked people what they would like to see in the language post Whidbey.  Anders has been talking some on channel 9 about the kind of things C# might be looking … Continue reading

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Networking and non Admin accounts.

Don Kiely blogged recently about wanting to be able to enable/disable network connections when running as a least privilege user (LPU).  I run as least privilege user on my laptop, and I had added my self to the Network Configuration … Continue reading

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Reward or Punishment ?

I was thinking just the other day about how Microsoft pays bounties for information that leads to the successful prosecution of hackers and virus writers.  Although a useful approach it’s a reactive one, not a pro-active one.  And I thought, … Continue reading

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