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Competition versus co-operation

Rocky raises an eyebrow at the idea some folk at MS would like to have their own nDoc tool in VS.NET. I don’t see this as a crushing open source thing, more it’s giving customers a better integrated experience.  Having … Continue reading

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Command line compile using Devenv.exe

Another entry from Duncan’s blog has some tips on doing a command line compile using vbc.exe. Another approach you can take is if you have Visual Studio on the machine, use Devenv.exe.  This allows you to easily build multiple projects … Continue reading

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The .NET way to create shortcuts (ShellLink)

In a recent blog entry, Duncan pointed out a way to create a shell link (shortcut) using windows scripting host.  If you ask me though, that is a pretty chunky approach as it means you have a COM wrapper for … Continue reading

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Microsoft Musicals…..

As part of MS’s new push into digital rights, ipod, online music, the development teams are starting to get in tune.  Don Box let part of the new code names slip in his recent chanel 9 video.  Well here, straight … Continue reading

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The SO factor ..

Okay I read this somewhere else (sorry forget where) and then I finally sat down and listened to Don Box on Chanel9.  WOW. Talk about “SO” !!  In a half hour video I think Don started his sentence with “So” … Continue reading

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It’s Spring ..

I sometimes travel a lot, and lose track of which season is which and where.  Well without doubt it’s spring here down under, and I’ll make a note here just in case the old grey matter forgets ?  August was … Continue reading

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When is Shareware Not Shareware?

A: When it’s not!  <g> I was reading Duncan’s blog, and he pointed to a discussion on shareware with .NET.  Sure, Nick does present a true scenario that companies like Bank’s are not so phased about rolling out .NET. Nor should … Continue reading

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Including the kitchen sink …

Mitch asks why doesn’t List(Of T) raise events when items are added or removed.  The answer of course is because List(Of T) is the basic low level list.  It’s the engine on a minimal chassis, designed much like a formula … Continue reading

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