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Why we need Option Strict Off

I was reading Bill Ryan’s blog rant about Option Strict Off, and although I whole heartedly agree with him when it comes to writing .NET code, (that is turn Option Strict On and leave it On !!), I think some … Continue reading

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What’s on your USB key ?

I read some great lists of software people have on their USB keys, but so far no-one has included one very very important thing … the ability to boot of the key ! On my USB key I have dos … Continue reading

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Merry XMas

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CLSCompliant should indicate which version

You may have heard the big news that generics is now to be included in the Common Language Subset (CLS).  That’s really cool for users of VB.NET 2005 (and C# 2.0), but what if you want to know if an … Continue reading

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VB should never blindly follow C#

This is a ping back to Mitch’s ping back regarding my earlier entries on Aliasing in VB. Mitch suggests that instead of using Imports, that VB.Net could take the same approach as C# has.  Well let’s look at what C# … Continue reading

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Do you monitor your cognitive state ?

A company I am an investor in (there, early disclosure out of the way ) focuses on cognitive ability monitoring and testing. They, CogState, have products for sports concussion management and products for measuring cognitive effects of therapeutically drugs etc.  … Continue reading

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More on Aliasing and Versioning ..

Yesterday I blogged about Aliasing in Vb.NET and how I would like that to be extended to add more power, flexibility and to address future needs of versioning.  They syntax I proposed was :    Imports [alias = ]NamespaceOrType[@Assembly[,version]] In … Continue reading

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Aliasing in VB.NET

In Vb.NET we can use the Imports statement to create aliases, such as :  Imports VB = Microsoft.VisualBasic Then in code we can simply type VB. And intellisense lists the members of the Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace.  Pretty cool huh ? But … Continue reading

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Where is that printer ??

I blogged earlier about product support lifecycles.  Okay, I use to have the URL’s but I didn’t so I used google.  Often it’s quicker than trying to look through any list of URLs I might keep anyway So I searched … Continue reading

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Product support.

An email I got today was asking about Microsoft support for Visual Basic 5 and also about Visual Basic 6 and asp.   I knew that they were both just about out of time (as far as MS is concerned) but … Continue reading

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