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Interface Mapping

An Interface is a simple contract. When you mark a type as implementing an Interface you agree to provide the methods and events that Interface defines.  A key to that contract is those members are always accessible via the a … Continue reading

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What I love about VB.NET.

Via, Yag, Paul, and Jay, Scott touched on some of the nice things VB.NET has to offer.  So I thought I’d add to that list the things I love. Some of these are what I see as improvements over VB6, … Continue reading

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Is IsNot plagiarism?

The IsNot patent issue is raising its ugly head again.  And although I agree with Cameron that Paul and Amanda are some of the nicest folks (I don’t think I’ve met Corneliu), I still think this is an issue that … Continue reading

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RegFree COM

Jay Roxe blogged about RegFree COM.  What this basically is, is when you use .NET to interop with COM on Windows XP or higher, you can use side by side COM.  Side by Side COM (SxS COM) has actually been … Continue reading

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MS AnitSpyware written in VB6 !

There’s a lot of talk about Microsoft’s AnitSpyware program in the press lately.   Seems new virus writers now are trying to remove it from systems, much like how they target firewalls and anti-virus programs.   One can only assume it’s got … Continue reading

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Strongly typed resources and intellisense

In Whidbey both Vb.NET and C#  get strongly typed resources.   But the intellisense story is very different When hovering over a resource named AResourceString in C#, intellisense display the type information and the comments, hence displaying the default value for … Continue reading

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Conversations versus CAPTCHA

There’s been a bit of talk about CAPTCHA lately, and stemming from that I think I have a better solution to the problem…    f’ing SPAMMERS are causing many blog to implement visual CAPTCHA’s… those damn pesky things that make … Continue reading

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