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Well done Frank !

Wow… over 25 kgs in 5 months !!  (that’s 60lbs in old talk).  Congrat’s Frank !!   BTW: For the oldies amongst us, note how Frank includes “stones” as a measurement.  I actually still understand people’s weight best in stone, … Continue reading

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Shared icons in object browser no longer there ?

In Whidbey it appears the icon overlays in object browser are no longer there, so you can no longer visually detect which members are shared (static) and which are not. 

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Shared Members in VB.NET 2005

Duncan talks about upgrading a project from VB.NET 2003 to 2005, and the default change in the rule for accessing Shared members from an instance variable.  An important thing to note is that this is a compiler option … you … Continue reading

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VB6 “kind of” supported in Longhorn

From todays chat with Eric Rudder: “We have heard a large number of folks ask for VB6 runtime support on Longhorn. We will do this.” [Eric Rudder] David Burggraaf-MSFT (Expert): Q: what is the role of native/COM C++ development going … Continue reading

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I finally got a hitachi travelstar 7K60 7200 RPM

Wow, it’s taken a while to track down one of these 9.5mm hard drives in Australia.  Most places had them on back order.  Anyway, yesterday I finally got my hands on one.  I went for just 60 GB. So the … Continue reading

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What they aren’t telling you about VB6 support

This last couple of days there’s been some posts by Microsoft people trying to re-assure folks that VB6 support is going to continue for some period of time.  But what they aren’t telling you is … As some of you … Continue reading

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Will VB6 apps run on Longhorn ?

In Rob Copeland’s first blog entry, he talks about the VB runtime being supported as part of the OS (Windows XP).  When Microsoft started including the VB runtimes with the operating system it really was a great move forward for … Continue reading

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Rob Copeland’s blogging

Great to see that Rob is finally blogging. 

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Over 200 MVPs !!

Wow, over 200 MVPs have signed the petition to Microsoft asking for a better road forward for VB6.  Total signatories as I write this is already over 1500 !! And reading the blogsphere there are other great names who haven’t … Continue reading

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