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Snip and Tuck

  Tuck this Snippet editor tool into your toolbelt and start tweaking/creating code snippets for VB.NET 2005 !!      

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Shhh!! It’s a secret…..

  If you are a C# kind of person look away now, we don’t want yu getting an extreme case of VB envy …   REFACTORING In VB.NET 2005  

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Size does matter .. (or it’s the little things that put a smile on your face)

For some time now, the VS IDE team has been a bit in denial, but at last they’ve seen the light that size really does matter. <drumroll>….. In VS.NET 2005 you can resize the add references dialog !!!!!!!! </drumroll> That … Continue reading

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0 To in arrays..

  A new feature in Vb.NET 2005, requested by your’s truely, is the ability to include the “0 To ” in array declarations.   Whe nI asked for this feature though, I aksed for it to be a project level switch, … Continue reading

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REAL BASIC’s offer

In case you haven’t seen, REAL BASIC is offering their standard edition for free to VB6 developers. Brendon Chase contacted me last week to get my opinion on this… You can see his write up here. Personally I find REAL … Continue reading

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Run VBRun, run ….

Today Microsoft has put up a web site devoted to VB6 developers ! Nice to see … It’s a small step in the right direction albeit years late Does it address the issues VB6 users face ? No, of course … Continue reading

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rule #1 : don’t test on a live server !

  unfortuantely some people don’t seem to understand rule #1    It is pretty simple.  If you make changes or deploy to  a live server, make sure you test those changes before deploying them.   So who didn’t do this … Continue reading

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