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Sailing the universe

This is just soooooooooooooo cool.  Not just the whole solar sail thing.. that’s incredibly cool in itself, something that seemed like science fiction only not that long ago.  But if that wasn’t cool enough, how”s this: the spacecraft is to … Continue reading

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Microsoft please fix Courier New

  I got to admit, when I read code if it’s not in Courier New, it seems to take longer to register as code.  I need my Courier New.  But that doens’t mean I’m happy with it.  I dislike it’s … Continue reading

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Microsoft Acrylic beta available now

  The  former creature house that was absrobed by Microsoft is now into it’s first Beta, and you can try it out till October 1st.  (note: download requires passport login) Oh, did I mention the Beta is Free     … Continue reading

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Report Builder will ship with VS Express versions !!

  Outstanding !!    I’m not sure if I have this correct, but it sounds like with the Free version of Visual Studio (aka Visual Studio Express),  you can use the Free version of SQL 2005 (aka SQL Express), and have … Continue reading

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.NET 2.0 XML and WS perfomance test

so there’s statistics, statistics and …..    I;m not sure how much I beleive these two articles I saw today, but they sure are both impressive statistics.  The XML one does look pretty beleivable as it shows java *was* better … Continue reading

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default(T) …. eeeeeeewwwwwww

  When working with generics, there will be times you want to “clear” a variable reference, eg set it to null.  In Vb.NET you can simply assign the value of Nothing, eg:   Dim x as T   x = … Continue reading

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Short attention span ?? Grok Talks might be for you

  In case you haven’t seen this,  at TechED this year some of the RD’s are putting together GrokTalks which are 10 minute “micro-presentations”.    It should be interesting.      And the best news is the videos will be available on … Continue reading

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What’s legacy code ?

Roy Osherove quotes a recent conversation he had :   “Before we get started, do you know what ‘Legacy Code’ means? It’s code that works”.        

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Can you optimize this code ? (Is GoTo evil ?)

yesterday I posted a bit of code that was checkign to see if a string was whitespace only.  Let’s assume the assumption I made was correct, that checkign the middle of the string then spreading out in each direction is … Continue reading

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Detecting null, empty or whitespace strings ..

Last week Geoff and I were chatting and Geoff threw this bit of code past me: If (someString & “”).Trim().Length > 0 Then And so the discussion began There’s lots of interesting quirks about dealing with Strings, not just from … Continue reading

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