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more trees

  This year I’ve decided to plant a little earlier than last year.  The weather is mild, a little windy, it feels much like an early spring.  I was very happy with the milk carton tree guards last year, they … Continue reading

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Escape yester-world   too funny    

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Congrats Geoff !

  Congrats to Geoff on a lovely new born.. Samantha 🙂   Of course being the ubber geek Geoff is, he let us all know in the Ausdotnet mailing list last night along with his win a T-Shirt submission:   … Continue reading

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A funny thing happened on the way to a quote..

  I am looking at buying a new laptop/tablet in the next month or so, and decided to start shopping around a little.  At one particular site, I filled in my information expecting to get a written quote, when –BANG– … Continue reading

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So what is in Paul’s talk ?

  The now famous (or should that be notorious ? 😉 ) Paul Vick will be presenting on the future of VB.NET at the PDC.   At present his abstract is a little vague, only mentioning:   language features that will … Continue reading

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no more head ;)

my blog title use to be < Head >, which I kind of thought appropiate.  Unfortunately though, when I post a blog entry that links back to another person’s blog, and that person is running Community Server, well it seems … Continue reading

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Overloads with different return types

Brad Abrams picked up on Geoff Appleby’s blog entry about Overloads with different return types.  Personally, I think they are both wrong Let’s consider these overloads: (1) Public function Add(ByVal x as int32, ByVal y as Int32) As Int32 (2) … Continue reading

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