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TechEd Oz (Day 0) It’s ALL about the shirts !!

Well here I am live at Tech Oz.  The conferences centre is a really nice layout, the people are friendly, and it’s great to see so many Aussie speakers this year. The hotel , Jupiter’s is quite nice too, the … Continue reading

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VB – set to dominate !!

  Just finished watching another great channel 9 video.  It really should have been two parts, but it’s worth watching the whole thing.  The real kicker stuff comes in about 40 minutes or so into the tape.  It’s really interesting … Continue reading

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Important TechEd advice from MapPoint

  going to TechEd Oz ?   Staying at Jupiter’s cassino ?  Well you should look at the good advice on mappoint       That’s right folks, the police beat on Hooker blvd,153.42928911641718&L=AP&A=1&S=800,740&PN=1767474874&P=%7c80c1de%7c&TI=Broadbeach%2c+Queensland%2c+Australia   Funny thing is none … Continue reading

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boxing of nullalbe types (changes since Beta 2)

  Last night I was chatting with Corrado Cavalli about the nullable type changes since Beta 2.  He was kind enough to run some test code for me using the August CTP.   The changes to the boxing behaviour mean that … Continue reading

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+ verus &

  The other day I saw someone not too familiar with VB get confused over whether they should use + instead of & or not. So, I’ll try to explain….   & is the String concatenation operator.  If it is … Continue reading

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How they built Virtual Earth (via Dr Neil)

How they built Virtual Earth Check out this video on how they built Virtual Earth. Too funny.

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No wonder Geoff is having a hard time finding a VB dev ..

  well apart from the fact that VB developers are in huge demand as most are already gainfully employed (versus those homeless elvis impersonators), I think Geoff might be asking the wrong question or expecting the wrong answer 😉   … Continue reading

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Vote for this !!!

  We need your vote urgently !    

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Rob Teixeira’s blog moved

Seems like only a couple of months ago.. oh wait it was.. that I posted that Rob was blogging.. So what’s he do.. he moves his blog.  Now I was holding off on posting this, so at least he should … Continue reading

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Blog birthdays…

  Oh dear, I missed my blog’s birthday…. It’s now a bit over a year old.  The only reason i noticed was Paul (Who, BTW, is responsible for me blogging ) talked about his blog’s birthday, and Geoff also posted … Continue reading

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