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Transformations ?

I’ve got to say, I am really loving LINQ.  This stuff is so very cool.  One thingy I think is missing though is a formal way of defining a transformation. A common scenario is data or xml needs to come … Continue reading

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Browsing the GAC

You can make it possible to browse the GAC like a set of folders and files and hence access assemblies that are only in the GAC.  Typically I just use a command prompt to do this, but there’s a registry … Continue reading

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Beyond LINQ …

Without doubt, there’s some pretty cool stuff coming our way with LINQ, especially XLINQ in VB And although I’ve seen some criticism of DLINQ, I think it advances us miles ahead of where we are today.  The challenge there now … Continue reading

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Erik Meijer on LINQ

A great post by Erik on LINQ and the language of choice  😀  

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The future’s so bright ….

Stop everything and check out the VB9 language futures at : there’s even an example compiler you can run with the Beta of VS.NET 2005 !! So make sure you check out the LINQ docuement then the DLINQ and XLINQ … Continue reading

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Channel 9 woes (and Bill Gates)

Robert Scobble posted a video of Bill Gates up on Channel 9.  This was really cool, as I was having a conversation about Bill Gates just the other day, about how much I love watching/listening to him talk.  The thing I … Continue reading

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My 5 seconds of fame …

Geoff points out a “VIP sighting” in the background of Betsy‘s video .  And yes the beer I am carrying is a VB thanks Geoff, real shame you weren’t there.  Oh, and nice to meet you Betsy  

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Just for Leon…

Secret Geek blogs about the Snippet Editor the Vb team and I have been working on in our spare time (is there such a thing ? )  TechEd Oz attendees got a world first preview of the soon to be … Continue reading

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Software updates and limited users

How do you deal with this ? Obviously if the application is run under the limited user’s account it can’t update shared files in the program files. As a consumer who runs as a limited user I came across this … Continue reading

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It was BIG !!

Well TechEd Oz was definitely BIG !! I had a great time, thanks Chuck and Frank and all the MS people that helped to put it together. I hope those who attended Nick and mine’s session had a great time. … Continue reading

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