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Lisa Feigenbaum does snippets ..

Lisa’s on channel 9 with a video explaining snippets.  Some good parts to watch are: 9:50 in or so, Lisa shows how to use the shortcut menu for snippets.  This is MUST know TV if you don’t already know this. … Continue reading

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Aussie Customs software debacle

The Australian Customs launched a new processing system this week.  The software originally was budgeted at $33 million dollars, blew-out to $250 Milliona dollars.  The system itself seems to be causing huge headaches and major delays.   it’s also had major security … Continue reading

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Hiding members for the DataSource window

The new DataSource window in VS.NET 2005 truely rocks !  I love how you can have all different kinds of data sources in there, be it your web services, data from your database or *ANY* type in your project including, of … Continue reading

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Workaround for BindingSource designer error

When working with a Windows.Forms application in Visual Studio 2005 (Whidbey), you may encounter a strange error when you try to open a form or control that has data binding using the new Bindingsource components.  The error usually reads like … Continue reading

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Never code in XSLT again !!

A really cool side effect of what is planned for VB9, is you will never have to code in XSLT ever again ! VB9 has full support for XML literals, querying and manipulating XML with LINQ and specifically XLINQ, and … Continue reading

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CornStarch – a fixative for Windows Forms Databinding in 2005

I was reading Rocky’s post about a work around for a binding issue in VS 2005.  The problem is the field being changed doesn’t get updated in the display.    The work around is good, but seems like too much work, … Continue reading

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