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Some links for VDNUG

For those at the VDNUG meeting last night  and for those who couldn’t make it, here are some links for further information. LINQ: DSL tools:  

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Want some .NET in VB6 ???

The Visual Fox Pro team announced today their latest CTP of VFP Sedna.  So what’s that got to do with VB6 you ask ? Well the Sedna CTP has a set of COM wrappers for a few of the .NET framework classes.  … Continue reading

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1000 km and still going …

Tonight I passed the first 1000km on my mountain bike 🙂  the speedo’s actually at 1012km . that’s over 16 weeks, which isn’t a lot I s’pose, but I sure am happy with it, consideirng a lot of that 1000km … Continue reading

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The faceless font

I was chatting with Ken Getz the other day about the RichTextBox. Ken pointed out to me that the SelectionFont can sometimes return Nothing.  The documentation isn’t specific on when exactly this occurs, but a quick bit of disassembly and … Continue reading

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To be a MVP

It seems every year, with every award cycle, the debate over what makes a MVP and the MVP program itself re-surfaces. This year some of the discussion has been centred around two posts, one by a Microsoft employee Dave Lempers, … Continue reading

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Cookies in IE drive me crazy

Why is it that IE has so limited functionality around cookies ?    One of  the big benifits of cookies is preserving your settings, yet in IE they just chuck all the cookies in the one path and only offer functionality to … Continue reading

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