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Long live Mort :)

Well not really.  But it has been interesting to watch the storm in a teacup over personas, the last day or so.  What’s really weird is the best post I have read on the matter has been by Paul !! … Continue reading

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Select Case

VB really has a very cool Select Case set of features, features that other languages with their   childish switch blocks can only today dream of.  For example, did you know you could do this in Vb ?   Select … Continue reading

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a hard lesson learnt ..

Trying really hard not to laugh (too much) at Nige’s latest mishap , but there is a valuable lesson to be learnt there..   If you don’t know the difference between a shovel and a spade you shouldn’t be using them … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t concatenation work with non intrinsic types ?

If you used VB.NET, you might have noticed that you can’t do concatenation on non intrinsic types. For example, you couldn’t have: Dim myCustomer as New Customer(“Barney”) Dim s as String s = “customer name is ” & myCustomer   … Continue reading

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Conformity with other languages, OrElse

I was just reading another one of Billy’s blog entries, but this time I really have to disagree:   Billy said : ” At first, VB was to be brought into conformity with other languages on how AND and OR … Continue reading

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Parenthesized expressions (more on Closures)

since Scott said such nice things about my last post on closures, I thought I’d add some quick references from the language spec I stumbled upon today: 11.4.2 Parenthesized Expressions A parenthesized expression consists of an expression enclosed in parentheses. … Continue reading

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The & operator (Concatenation)

In my previous blog posting I talked briefly about the + operator, and hopefully people realized that perhaps for string concatenation they should use the & operator. So I thought it probably best to also discuss the & operator in … Continue reading

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The + operator

I was reading Billy Hollis’s blog entry about strict typing and saw the examples of the use of the + operator with late bound code.  Go have a look, it is kind of fun to see how many you get … Continue reading

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The UI Challenge

  Over the years we’ve seen a lot of evolution in the way we write code, in wiring up data etc. Many of those challenges have been solved or are making serious progress.  That’s not to say “we’re there yet” … Continue reading

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VS 2005’s MRU Project and File lists

Following on from my IE typed URLs quick & dirty app, I thought I might as well address that annoying list of Most Recently Used files and projects in Visual Studio 2005. So I added the ability to re-organize the … Continue reading

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