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Builderau just doesn’t get it ?? (early Friday RANT)

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from Builderau  describing how to use snippets in Visual Studio 2005.   I was kind of amazed to see that they provided two links to “snippy” editor, but not a single one link … Continue reading

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Using the new data connection properties controls in VS 2005

Have you ever wanted to display the data connections dialog to your end user ?  Well in VS 2005 there’s a set of new controls you can use to do it…   First add references to the following two assemblies: … Continue reading

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Lubricants (oils aint oils sul)

With the onset of winter here I haven’t been riding my bike much (at all !!).  I’ve got too much on, and the weather is rarely conducive to an enjoyable ride.  So since my last 1000 km for the season … Continue reading

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Extension methods : Are they better than the real McCoy ?

I was just reading Avner’s blog entry about the latest LINQ bits and VB 9.0, in particular the bit about the Value Extension Property.  How cool is that !!!! 🙂   So it occurred to me that perhaps extension properties … Continue reading

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It’s official: From… Select

Yah !! the good news is that VB will be going with the From.. Select style of syntax in Orcas rather than Select.. From.   The From ..Select syntax has many advantages, the biggest being a great intellisense story.  I … Continue reading

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