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So how well do you really know VB ?

okay, so I posted about the If low < x < high Then syntax.  The smart people got it.  But now comes the big question. Under what circumstances will this code give a different result in VB6 compared to VB.NET.   … Continue reading

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But was it intuitive ??

yesterday I asked people what does the code 2 < 1 < 5 produce.  Much to my amazement everyone seemed to get it right !!  I must admit when the syntax was pointed out to me just the other day … Continue reading

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What does this code do ?

Will the following VB code display True or False ?  Why ? (and no cheating by actually trying the code and decompiling it)   Option Strict Off   Module Module1      Sub Main()         If 2 < 1 < 5 Then          MsgBox(“true”)       Else          MsgBox(“false”)       End If    End Sub   End Module

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Messing with JIT options

Sometimes different problems come together to provide a unified solution. Today I think I stumbled across such a thing.  Earlier today I noticed a comment post to an old blog entry of mine about how to tell if an assembly … Continue reading

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ADO.Next Entity Framework

The good oil about the ADO.NET Entity Framework can be found via the MS data site.   Make sure you check out the ADO.NET entity framework document just released.

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