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The "Why upgrade to Vista" challenge…

Do you have any compelling reasons to upgrade to Vista ?  If so I’d love to hear them.  Ken Schaefer has taken up the challenge and promises to post on new features in Vista.   What I plant to do is … Continue reading

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Windows XP support life cycle

following on from talk of Vista, I thought I’d take a look at exactly when support for XP finishes.   According to the Microsoft support site: Mainstream support will end two years after the next version of this product is … Continue reading

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The good oil on Vista (why people will run Vista)

Recently there’s been discussion on vista and cars, here and there, but really, that comparison is kind of bullsh*t.  It’s a mixed metaphor, confusing software and hardware.  Vista is more like the fuel, not the car.  That is, you have … Continue reading

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More thoughts on Vista

Darren likened Vista to XP as a Ford Falcon to a Plymouth Fury. Sorry Dazza, but that’s just marketing spiel kind-of crap 😉  That might make sense if you were comparing windows 3.1 to Vista, but not XP.   If … Continue reading

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Why WPF matters.

I was just reading Peter Varhol’s blog entry about the delay in the WPF editor tools (expression et al),…. While on the one hand I’m happy as it gives me a bit more time to get up to speed with … Continue reading

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Saving from a DataGridView

If you click on a button in a toolstrip, such as the save button on a BindingNavigator, the button never gets focus, so the DataGridView never looses focus, so the current changes are not persisted.   The first thing you … Continue reading

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Vista impressions

Seems folks everywhere are talking about the latest Vista build… Here’s my impressions :   – setting the time zone on install didn’t change the system clock !!! Yeh, at last !!!!!   – stupid startup sound played 3 times … Continue reading

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I am sooooooooo unfit

It was a lovely day today, still a bit chilly, but nice and sunny so I just had to take the bike for a quick 20km ride.  Wow, the winter months and those few extra kilos really do make a … Continue reading

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XML and OO (where’s the wires ?)

I was just reading Ralf’s post about some future directions for XML and one thing that struck me is there is still a mismatch between “Data” and “OO”.  XML is really just descriptive data, at least it is at present. Of … Continue reading

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how well do you know VB (part 2)

a few weeks ago, I posted a quiz about the syntax low < x < high, which really was a quiz about implicit casting of Booleans. Of course the great Dan Appleman  got that one right 🙂 That quiz stemmed … Continue reading

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