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5536 – Big thumbs down :(

I was so looking forward to trying Vista on my Toshiba M200.  Unfortunately, despite all attempts it wouldn’t upgrade. Problems I encountered were not enough room on my system partition.  It’s only 2GB and designed for booting/loading various OS’s. Annoying, … Continue reading

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example of a file by file SettingsProvider

the following is the code for the custom SettingsProvider from Geoff and mine’s TechEd 2006 presentation:   Option Strict On Option Explicit On   Imports System Imports System.Configuration   ”’ <summary> ”’ simple example of a SetitngsProvider that saves each individual setting in it’s own file ”’ </summary> ”’ <remarks>to use, add a setitng to My.Settigns designer, open the properties window ”’ and set the provider to FileByFileSettingsProvider if in the same project, otherwise the full name. ”’ </remarks> Public Class FileByFileSettingsProvider    Inherits SettingsProvider   #Region “constructor and initialize”      Public Sub New()    End Sub      Public Overrides Sub Initialize(ByVal name As String, ByVal config As System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection)       If name Is Nothing Then name = My.Application.Info.ProductName … Continue reading

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data-parallel operations

This is cool!   David Tarditi and Sidd Puri are doing some really cool work over in Microsoft Research. They’ve built a development technology, Accelerator, that  “provides a high-level data-parallel programming model as a library that is available for all .Net … Continue reading

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So, that was TedchEd 2006..

Despite catching a cold from the moment I landed in Sydney, and a terrible tips and tricks presentation, TechEd 2006 was a lot of Fun.  First let’s see how it went on the “reasons to TechEd” evaluator:   (1) the … Continue reading

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more on Static local variables

In my earlier post, I showed how Static local variables in VB are basically local variables that get promoted to class level fields.   What I didn’t mention was the way initializers are handled on Static variables.  Take for example if … Continue reading

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understanding Static variables in VB

I was just reading Julia Lerman’s blog about static variables in VB.  Sadly I think Julia has had it wrong, so let me try to explain.  First let’s start with some rules:   static variables can be used only inside … Continue reading

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ADO.NET Entity Framework August CTP available now !

Download the ADO.NET Entity Framework August CTP from here:  

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Speaking of T’s

Dave Lem shows his Tech Ed T-shirt flair, Geoff asks him to include reality in the sizes, but of course the big question is:  Is it all cotton or a poly blend ? Remember poly blends are an indication of … Continue reading

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How smart is google ?

A while ago, my old friend Patrick Meader (who must never read my blog) **complained** to me that I needed to fill in my About page on this blog as it is almost impossible to tell who’s blog this is.  The … Continue reading

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TechEd session picker war – day 3

Paul “open sores” Stovell continues the TehcEd session picker war.   In a desperate attempt to get the basic functionality working, Paul “someone please help me” Stovell has called on outside help. (1) Philip Beadle describes how to get it … Continue reading

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