Different perspectives

I listened to Nick Randolph’s first podcast the other day and having just read Dave Lem’s “review” of it, just seems to highlight to me the very different perspectives.  I think I was listening to it with an open mind and hearing about the issues Nick, Athena and Adam have faced, the approaches they have taken and what worked and didn’t work for them.  Dave seems to have heard only problems he apparently already knew ?  Is this a cup half full vs. half empty thing ?  The cynic in me would say it was more Dave was looking for easy fixes to add to his action//todo list.  I think that’s insulting though to Dave, Adam, Athena and Nick as I’m pretty sure if they knew the solutions to the problems those kind of people would have already implemented them or been in Dave’s ears about them already.  The fact is they showed they managed to get things to work, how they dealt with finding the right schedules, etc. They *are* running successful user groups.  Does that mean that they shouldn’t be saying there are problems they don’t know the solution to ?  I don’t think so, in fact I think that shows that they are constantly looking for ways to make things better.
So please, let’s not insult those dedicated people who give so much to the community because they are open and honest enough to talk about issues they and their communities face.  and please let’s not insult them by insinuating they have the solutions and have been holding back.  Rather lets listen and say thanks 🙂
Thanks Nick, Athena, and Adam

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  1.   JosephCooney on September 21st, 2006          

    Well said. I thought Dave L’s “review” (and that is a kind term for it) was rambling, filled with strange “in jokes” and references I found more distracting than anything.