Early start to the fire season

Just another diary entry so as I can look back at the weather. 
This year sure is shaping up as a warm and dangerously dry year.  I had fruit trees blooming at the start of August ( a record for me), and now the fire season has started already, two months before restrictions even come into force.
Yesterday we got called to assist with a small fire, then upon leaving there inspected another fire, and then got  an emergency call to yet another fire.  The Yeodene fire was 60 hectares, 22 appliances in attendance, including one small helicopter and one fixed wing observer.  The strong winds had driven the fire down a gully into some serious bush.   Amazing to see the fire so fierce this time of year. Luckily a change came near dark fall, and the cooler moist air helped make it easy(ier) to bring under control.
hopefully we’ll see lots of rain through-out summer, but that’s not what some of the weather folk are saying.  🙁