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Happy birthday to me !

I was so busy having fun I forgot to wish myself happy birthday…   HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME !!!   (28/10)  

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Speaking of Fire Services …

Listening to Dr Neil’s latest notes and noted he mentioned the South Australian Fire Service.  In Victoria the volunteer fire service is known as the Country Fire Authority (CFA). A lot of people don’t seem to realize that these fire … Continue reading

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To VB or not to VB

that is the question Ron Jacobs and I discuss on the arcast network.  Download the audio here. .

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the missing link – BIL

a couple of years ago I was toying with the concept of a behavioural language, and thoughts of this came flooding back to me as I read Rocky’s recent post about SOA.  The problem is not the “service” part of … Continue reading

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more on Calibri font ..

Thanks to some checking with other folks with similar hardware, it appears the issues I’ve been seeing with Calibri font are most probably a software issue.  So *some* of my criticism of the choice of Calibri may well have been … Continue reading

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TimeZone2 – first impressions

Kathy Kam  asked for feedback on Timezone2, so tonight I decided to have a bit of a play and these are my first impressions// partial code review: ConvertTimeBySystemTimeZoneId  could the name be any longer ?  I think this should probably just … Continue reading

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VS 2003 SP1 released

VS 2003 SP1 download: .

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Calibri font – be GONE !!

almost a month ago I posted about the annoyances of Calibri font if you don’t have font smoothing and clear type turned on.  Sadly, I’m seeing it more and more even in some mailing lists as people try out Office … Continue reading

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