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Managing un-managed Resources

Yesterday Chuck posted a cool example of using GDI from .NET.  One thing that was missing was the call to ReleaseDC.  You should *always* call this when finished painting with a DC obtained via GetWindowDC.      DeclareFunction ReleaseDC Lib“user32” … Continue reading

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What’s that at the fires ???

yesterday at the Casterton fires, I took a picture of our truck. Look closely at the passenger window !!       Thanks Frank and Dave and all the DPE guys for your support !!  🙂    

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Happy birthday Frank !

Happy Birthday Frank !!!!

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Office 2007 or not ?

Today I downloaded and installed Office 2007 from MSDN 🙂  The install went fantastic, taking my Office XP settings.  I did have an issue with the online activation of OneNote.. for some reason it was telling me I had exceeded … Continue reading

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IE7 Musings

  I’ve been using IE7 almost from the day it was released, and for the most part it’s been good.  The UI took a little to get use to, but nothing requiring me to look up the help file (phew)<g>  … Continue reading

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Tooling up for .NET 3.0

With the release of .NET 3.0, I decided to clean up my machine a little and install the latest bits.  The first step was uninstalling all the beta and CTP bits I had on there including the Orcas bits, the previous … Continue reading

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Burning bale champions

At the local hicksville Colac (what did Chuckcall it ?) agricultural show in the weekend we had the usual burning bale competition.  One of the other brigades was short a couple of crew, so we teamed up with them, two … Continue reading

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Of bikes and snakes

Today is the first anniversary of my buying my bicycle. I rode a bit over 2150 km this last year, that’s 40 km a week or more which I’m pretty happy with considering I didn’t ride much at all over … Continue reading

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Iterators and functional programming

I’ve been meaning to blog about Iterators for sometime now but can never find the time to give the subject as it deserves. But rather than stay silent, I’ve decided to at least blurb some of my thoughts.   A … Continue reading

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