Office 2007 or not ?

Today I downloaded and installed Office 2007 from MSDN 🙂  The install went fantastic, taking my Office XP settings.  I did have an issue with the online activation of OneNote.. for some reason it was telling me I had exceeded my activation number, yet I had only installed it once.  Perhaps it is something to do with the same key being used for all the Office 2007 products (other than Office 2007 professional ) such as InfoPath, OneNote et al ?  Anyway, I used the over the phone activation and after pressing many numbers and then talking to a person who gave me more numbers to type in, it’s activated 🙂
Still, after just a few hours I am feeling very much like un-installing it.  Everything works, I can adapt to the new ribbon etc, but the damn screen fonts they use are rendered using clear type or similar and it is just really hard on my eyes on my Toshiba M200.  I have good eyesight but this is really causing me eye strain. I can feel my eyes trying to change focus to interpret those blurry regions as smooth lines (that’s the concept of clear type: optical illusion).

why the f*ck has Microsoft decided to ignore user settings in this regard, and force this upon people is beyond me.  I’ll give it a couple more days, but at present I think the plan will be to try to recover my data, rollback to XP until there’s a fix or service pack that does actual observe the user’s system preferences for font rendering.  🙁 

Okay, shortly after posting the above I found the option to turn off clear type in Office 🙂 
It’s more obvious when using other office products than Outlook.  From Outlook you can get to the clear type setting via Tools –> Options –> Mail Format –>Editor Options.
Oh, and you can also change the colour of Outlook form blue to silver or black 🙂
So I’m happy again.  🙂

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  1.   Philip Stevens on November 13th, 2006          

    Well this keeps getting better, I was trying to install the PDF / XPS plugin from Microsoft, but before you can do that you have to authenticate your windows software; now that I’ve gotten this key from microsoft on the phone it says this:
    Microsoft Office OneNote 2007: Validation Failed
    The product key used to install Office is not valid. It has been identified by Microsoft as a false key used with counterfeit copies of Office.

    Fantastic, now I can’t do any upgrades, because if one product is counterfeit, they all must be…. nice job Microsoft.

  2.   Philip Stevens on November 13th, 2006