Monthly Archives: December 2006

My flickr photos

I’ve started a flickr account for my photos : mainly photos from work as a fire fighter but that includes some really nice country side 😀

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Good news on IIf

Paul Vick posted some good news about IIf.  The proposed change to IIf is long over due (IMO) and a welcome one !!!   But does this have to be a breaking change ?  For existing applications, it should be … Continue reading

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Some photos

I’m just getting started with my new (first) digital camera .  Photos from today :             

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Heyfield fires

Just back from a week on the line at the Heyfield fires, catching up on the 1500 or so emails (die spammers,die) I had to wade through and found a few nice emails wishing me well for the fires 🙂 … Continue reading

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