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more on dynamic interfaces and "expando" types

I forgot to mention that in the previous discussion, you could exchange the type Expando for an untyped datatable/dataset.  yes dynamic interfaces using a dictionary look up for properties would apply equally to data tables and for that matter, datasets. … Continue reading

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dynamic interfaces and "expando" types

A frustrating limitation of LINQ and anonymous types is that the type has to be resolved at compile time.  So “Reporting” style of queries where you can dynamically add and remove columns isn’t really catered for…….   However, let’s say … Continue reading

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VFP petition…

in case you haven’t heard, VFP is now officially dead as far as new releases goes… No seriously this time it really is <g>  Some VFP’ers would like to see VFP continue and have started a petition. they already have … Continue reading

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Getting the VB LINQ samples working for March CTP

The VB LINQ samples are in the March CTP MSND documentation… just look for “LINQ samples” in the index.  Copy the files to somewhere you can get to them, and remove the read-only attribute from them. Next open the solution … Continue reading

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VB9 Overview updated..

Just saw there’s a recent update to the VB 9.0 documents   Thanks Beth for pointing me to it 🙂

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rooms with a view

On my recent trip to Seattle I returned home the long way via the Olympics and NW coast USA.  these are the view from some of my hotel/cabin rooms:               more photos on my flickr … Continue reading

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