MWC 922 – red square nebula

Saw this article today about images of a nebular and computer modelling to show how the 2D image relates to the proposed 3D model. News story here, image from
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  1. If we can have perfect spirals, why not squares?

  2. shaun says:

    From a metaphysics angle, this star may indicate as when Christ came the first time by a sign in the heavens, if that be the case it can’t deceive for it’s taken out of the hand of men. It may be worth those scientifically minded to look into any correspondence (macro-micro) between this star and the Great Pyramid in Giza, as you know enough math is bound within their to reveal any correspondence. This may signify that Christ has awoken from the horizontal plane (looking through a glass darkly) and is now moving through the vertical plane of pure light, this being signified also by the Double helix nebula revealed near Milky Way’s heart, 18:00 15 March 2006, news service, which will continue to expand signifying the limitless of the creator, and by the way is at the centre of the milky way.

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