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.NET 3.0 does NOT change .NET 2.0 libraries.

Recently a fellow MVP pointed out the addition of the TransferRequest method to the HttpServerUtility class.  The documentation falsely states it as being .NET 3.0 when in fact the change is made in .NET 3.5 Beta. You’d think stating the … Continue reading

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The &operator

I just read again today the claim that you should use + for string concatenation in VB.  You should NOT.  Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  VB has the Concatenation operator & as distinct from the + operator. … Continue reading

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VB9 and collection initializers

Roger Jennings asks about VB9 and collection initializers.  It’s a question I too have asked, and although I’m not certain it does appear there won’t be collection initializers for VB9 🙁 One thing I did want to point out though … Continue reading

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More than just advertising…

I was listening to Sean O’Driscoll’s blog cast earlier today while working in the kitchen, and one thing stuck me was the analogy he made about buying a camera.  This reminded me of something I saw on a Dell forum … Continue reading

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