Reasons to VB part 3: XML

Yesterday Beth posted an interview with Erik Meijer showing integrated support for XML in VB.  There’s a cool examples of using VB9 with XML documents both working with existing documents and creating new ones.  Some important things to note in the video:

– You use Imports to create namespace aliases at file level

– Add an XSD to your project and intellisense will use that when you work with the XML

– Support for MXL in VB is not just literals as smoke and mirror string parsing, it includes rich intellisense, XML as a first class citizen, and optimal compilation.

The VB teams not finished with XML by any means, but what’s in VB9 is pretty awesome.  Unless you are one who believes XML is insignificant, you really must look at VB as the right tool for the job.  The inclusion of xsd driven intellisense really adds some serious icing 🙂

It was almost two years ago when I first saw the XML in VB begin.  I remember at the time I was sitting in a mini-bus in Redmond one morning about to head out to the campus and we were discussing LINQ and XLINQ.  I said a the time this has the serious potential to replace any need to use XSLT. Two years later and that prediction is looking to be very true and then some. The support for XML in VB combined with LINQ gives delayed evaluation, richness of the .NET framework, an incredibly powerful way to work with and create xml.