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OK is not OK, but Close is ?

I’ve been rummaging through the Windows Vista User Interface Experience Guidelines draft, a 33 MB pdf file, and it poses some interesting questions around warning and exception dialog messages.  Now apparently it is not OK to present the user with … Continue reading

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Schemas in the scheme of things…

I got an interesting email today, which, to paraphrase, said: I would like a syntax where I can say “an XElement that follows this XSD” This question actually digs deep into the issue of strong typing versus dynamic typing and … Continue reading

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I was robbed …

of one hour of my birthday time thanks to day light savings 🙂 The good news is it means summer is here !! Oh, and I counted seven clocks I had to set the time on: 3 timers, 2 clock … Continue reading

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Is VB the n*gg*r of programming languages ?

When VB moved to .NET the claim was made it would be a first class citizen on the .NET platform. Despite that claim VB is often not supported in new SDKs or emerging platforms. Two major platforms where Microsoft has … Continue reading

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When is something ready to be marked as Deprecated ?

Of programming languages, VB has in many ways had a checkered history mainly due to the changes from VB6 to VB7 (VB.NET). I remember clearly the change from “Wend” to “End While”.  Some folks claimed that was “gratuitous”.  To me, … Continue reading

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VB 10 thoughts (part 9)

  31. Templates for anonymous types It’d be nice if you could change the template used for anonymous types, such as to include INotifyPropertyChanged or other functionality. If you add a template to your project, you could then specify which … Continue reading

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VB 10 thoughts (part 8)

Today I was only going to add one, item, #29, but in writing the samples for it two more items came to mind. One however was an IDE thing more than a language thing, so just 2 items for the … Continue reading

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VB 10 thoughts (part 7)

I’ve still got some more thoughts, but these are beginning to be big items, so I’m only touching on two more today Backing fields nested inside Properties      Public Property Name() As String       Dim m_Name As String       … Continue reading

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VB 10 thoughts (part 6)

StandardizationIOSO or ECMA standardization, to allow fully open development and meet organizational and governmental requirements for open standards.  At present part of the language is under Patent protection, making it unclear for example if a third party provider can use … Continue reading

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Playing with Extensions and Expressions

Expression trees allow you to walk through all the information about an expression.  So you can use this to create a NameOf function similar to the one I outlined in my post on VB 10 thoughts (part 5)      … Continue reading

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