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Early Christmas :)

One thing I associate with Christmas time is cherries… not that I buy cherries or anything in particular, but it’s one of the fruits of the season that for some reason remind me it’s that time of the year 😉  … Continue reading

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Don’t "p" on your XAttributes..

If you programmatically add attributes with namespaces to an XElement, when the XElement is written out it will give each attribute a namespace prefix and then define a xmlns for that prefix.  The way XElement does this is first it … Continue reading

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Nice recovery…

I was working with Visual Studio and a few other applications, and put the computer to sleep while I took a break. Shortly after I resumed the computer did a hard restart. I presume it is something to did with … Continue reading

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XML namespace prefix ‘xmlns’ is not defined

When working with VB9 you may get this cryptic error :XML namespace prefix ‘xmlns’ is not defined If you are using only default namespaces you can fix this by including a definition for the xmlns as an Import statement or … Continue reading

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Cleaning up your XML literal namespaces

If you use XML literals in your code, adding one to another: Dim e1 = <a:books></a:books>dim e2 = <a:book></a:book>e1.Add(e2)You will have the xmlns declaration repeated in each of the elements, when really it is only needed once per the document … Continue reading

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VB samples in VS 2008 SDK ?

Beth posted about the VS 2008 SDK saying it had many VB samples.  When I installed it I didn’t see any in the DSL tools, so I thought there weren’t any at all. turns out there are some VB samples, … Continue reading

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This month’s Microsoft FU awards…

Despite VB being the *most popular* language on .NET, many teams over at Microsoft like to give VB the finger.  But before I start on this month’s FU awards, a big anti-fu award (aka kudos) goes to Don Box who … Continue reading

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What a nasty compiler bug !!

Kathleen has posted about a real nasty bug in the VB 9 (VB 2008) compiler. And I mean nasty !! The compiler won’t warn you, won’t give an error of any sort.. it will just omit lines of code from … Continue reading

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Snippet paths and duplicates in VS 2008

If you install VS 2008 on a machine that has VS 2005 on it, you’ll be prompted to let VS 2008 import as many of your settings from 2005 as possible.  Generally this is a good thing, but you might … Continue reading

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Bug in XML literals around the Imports keywords..

 In VB9, there’s a bug when using XML literals with any type member that is a protected keyword.  For example, given the following psuedo types,   Class Doc   Public Property [Imports]() As List(Of DocImports)End Class Class DocImports   Public Property [Namespace]() … Continue reading

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