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Numerics and generics

A couple of weeks ago a friend was chatting to me in IM and asked me about a problem he was having with generics constraints.  I told him he was trying to solve the lack of an INumeric interface issue. … Continue reading

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What’s new in VB 2008

Visual Studio magazine’s January On VB column, by your’s truly, has a quick reference guide to what’s new in VB 2008.  The guide includes links to earlier articles that provide more in depth information on specific features.   Errata for … Continue reading

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Too much information or the philosophy of "less is more" ….

On Monday night I was walking along the streets in Melbourne heading out to give a presentation on VB 2008.  while waiting for some pedestrian lights I noticed this guy standing outside St George’s bank with signs all over him. … Continue reading

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What’s dynamic to you ?

Kathleen left it for others to discuss what dynamic programming means, so I thought I’d utter my thoughts on it here. Some of the things I consider to be dynamic and of importance are: – runtime expressions.  In days of … Continue reading

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Inserting snippets in VB.

Sara Ford writes about inserting snippets in VB and C#.  Unfortunately, Sara hasn’t got it quite right.  In VB 2008 the statement completion window does NOT show snippet shortcuts.  It only shows namespaces, types, members and keywords.  It just happens … Continue reading

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It’s duck season !

Well I’m not sure about duck hunting season, but I am sure there’s a family of ducks that’s been hanging around for a while now as they raised the chicks (or is that ducklings?).  They’re really shy. I see them … Continue reading

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More on XML Namespaces in VB….

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about XML Namespace issues in VB: one in particular was to do with namespace declarations being repeated in the output XML.  In those cases we only looked at common namespaces for the entire … Continue reading

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Right tool for the job ?

I was catching up on reading some msdn blogs and stumbled across an entry from Yves Dolce. Yves was showing how to create a word document part including a graphic.  Thing was, he was using C#, not VB.  Here’s an … Continue reading

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The dark side sneaks another base….

Some where, some time, the dark side managed to take hold of the MSDN documentation.  In 1.0 and 1.1 the documentation was pretty much language agnostic.  Constructors, where listed as Foo Constructor.  Now it seems the dark side has taken … Continue reading

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LINQ to XSD –> VB can do better !

  RJ posted an interesting entry about LINQ to XSD. The early LINQ to XSD bits that surfaced back in Orcas Beta 1 or thereabouts were basically an object layer of the underlying xml data.  It was better than *just* … Continue reading

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