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In the garden : March 2008 wrap up

March was a month of extreme weather.  The first two weeks were record highs. This really brought on the tomatoes.  Then the last two weeks were colder than usual, and had a bit of rain.  The rain put out the … Continue reading

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Reading the blog entries around OOXML is almost as bad as sitting through an episode of Days of Our Lives.  Most of the opposition comes directly from different people that are directly vested in ODF. And now that the vote … Continue reading

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Auto properties : What ifs …

Paul Vick posted a speculative post as to Automatically Implemented properties for VB10.  Although it’s kind of nice, it really is just a minor modification from what C# did in 3.0 and misses a lot of the “what if” scenarios … Continue reading

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Can’t get no VB Action ?

Paul Stovell finally notices the lack of support for statement lambdas in VB9.  Unfortunately Vb9 only supports lambda expressions such as can be expressed in today’s expression trees.  .NET 4.0 will most probably include support for lambda statements, and hopefully … Continue reading

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Least among equals ?

Patrick Meader writes on the divide between VB and C# inside Microsoft, and raises an interesting question. My response is probably going to be lengthy; more than I have time for at present. In the meanwhile, what do you think of … Continue reading

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Increment operators ?

Does VB need prefix and postfix increment and decrement operators ?  Here’s an example I posted today for a question on adding an index with LINQ:    Sub Main()       Dim values() As String = {“aaa”, “bbb”, “ccc”}       Dim … Continue reading

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You bastards !!!!!!!!!!!

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What ever happened to easter eggs ?

No, not the chocolate ones or the decorated chicken eggs… I mean software easter eggs.  Like the ones in Excel where you could display an animated scroll of all the contributors. And they had similar in Outlook, and even in … Continue reading

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Does silverlight really make sense ?

Earlier today I followed Soma’s link to the updated Visual Studio Express pages. Soma gave emphasis that the “approach was to add Silverlight without making it look like we just dropped something new into our existing site without any thought“.  … Continue reading

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First time or casual programming

“First time or casual programming” : that’s apparently what VB is good for.  If you want a great combination of power and productivity that’s what C# is good for…… well, at least that’s how Microsoft tells it to us. Microsoft, … Continue reading

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