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Bit-wise algebra

Today I answered a question saying use A XOr (A And B).  Then I thought, well isn’t that the same as A And Not (A And B).  Now I knew there is a simplification because of the double A and … Continue reading

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VB on the up !

Latest TOIBE analysis shows VB on the up ! VB 11.7 %, C# 3.8%  

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Hyper-V impressions

Over the weekend I switched my main machine to Windows 2008 and started playing with Hyper-V.  I updated the RAM and threw in another hard-drive (man that stuff is so cheap at present !).  I’ve got both Vista and Windows … Continue reading

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Where’s the .NET framework ?

In putting together some virtual machines for testing on hyper-v, I was amazed and disappointed to find that Microsoft is NOT pushing out the .NET framework any more.  On Windows XP, windows update offers only .NET 1.1 and 2.0.  Vista … Continue reading

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More on implied interfaces.

If you read section 12.2 of the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) Partition II document, you’ll see the following part in regards to interface implementation: If there are any virtual methods in the interface that still have empty slots, see if … Continue reading

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SQL Timestamps

I was just reading a work around for timestamps with LINQ or WCF, and I must be stupid, but I just don’t get it. In fact, ever since dotnet came out mapping timestamp to a byte array or SqlBinary, I … Continue reading

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Implied Interfaces

One of the many things I love about VB is it’s explicit interface mapping.  It’s the beauty of declarative coding that not only allows for flexible mapping but also makes the code explicit.  You don’t need to know the intimate … Continue reading

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Stovell’s Silverlight SyncLinq

Obviously Paul thinks just because he used one of my photos and then said nice things about my photos, that I’ll probably link to his demo of synclinq in silverlight.  😉

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VB finished ??

If you open Visual Studio 2008, you’ll notice that the start page for VB hasn’t been updated since December 4th, 2007.  Strangely enough the VB team’s blog still seems to be used from time to time.  Hopefully someone’s just asleep … Continue reading

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Birds in my veggie garden

As I write this I’m looking out the window into my veggie garden where the rosellas are having a feast on the sunflowers again. There was so much activity around my sunflowers and tomatoes (probably an exquisite combination for the … Continue reading

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